CANCER PATROL - Fund Raiser Patch V1
CANCER PATROL - Fund Raiser Patch V1
$ 12.00

CANCER PATROL - Fund Raiser Patch V1

Limited Edition. Only 200 patches made! There is no limit to amount of patches you can purchase, but please do not purchase extra patches with the sole intent of flipping/trading them on the secondary market.  

Danielle is 40 years old and was recently diagnosed with Grade 4 brain cancer. She is in the middle of chemo+radiation therapy, which many of you know is an extremely difficult process to go through. It's a daily battle to just get out of bed each day. But she is a fighter. We are not keeping a portion of the sales of this patch. 100% of the payments received for this patch will go directly to benefiting Danielle and her family.  

Patch Dimensions: 3.5" x 4.375"
Materials: 100% Embroidery, additional stiffening layers
Backing: Velcro hook and loop