Ambassador Application

  • Do you love Land Cruisers and Toyotas in general?
  • Do you already own some Cruiser Gear products?
  • Do you want early access to new products?
  • Do you want to get paid by Cruiser Gear?
  • Do you have a good amount of followers on social media?


If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you could become a Cruiser Gear Brand Ambassador! Pick one of the links below and put in an application to find out if you qualify!

About our ambassador program. Cruiser Gear has been bringing quality made apparel and accessories to the community since 2015. We are driven by our love for design and the off road community and we want you to join us. 


I have under 5,000 social media friends/followers

I have over 5,000 social media friends/followers

I'm kind of a big deal...